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High Speed Kennels

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GRCH CSG 'PR' Black Gold's I'm A Hustla Baby

GRCH CSG 'PR' Black Gold's I'm A Hustla Baby
UKC Grand Show Champion
AKC Supreme Grand Show Champion
Owners:  Elizabeth Dixon & Ashley Cruse
Breeder:  Eugene Hull

---------------GRCH 'PR' Ozark Mountain Lil'l Rebel
----------GRCH 'PR' Wild Country's Mr BoJangles
---------------GRCH 'PR' Eagle River Wind Charmer
-----GRCH 'PR' Gold Dust Excaliber
---------------GRCH 'PR' Little Walnut Flying Hawk
----------GRCH 'PR' Finley River Little Ms Maggie
---------------'PR' Hackberry's Little Walnut DJ
UKC GRCH AKC CSG 'PR' Black Gold's I'm A Hustla Baby
---------------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Morgan's Treejammin Mundar
----------GRCH 'PR' So Fork River Jammin Mundar
---------------CH 'PR' Table Rock Little Sis
-----GRCH 'PR' Hare's Half Moon JJ
---------------GRCH 'PR' Pond Hill Bogart
----------GRCH 'PR' Pond Hill Bacall
---------------GRCH 'PR' Pond Hill Lucy III

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